Still looking for a reason to come to Groundswell 2017? Here are 14!

14 reasons to join us at the only show created ‘By Farmers, For Farmers” at Lannock Farm, Herts on 27th & 28th June 2017

1. An Independent Event

As host farmer John Cherry wrote here in his article for Indie Farmer, the current High Input/Output system benefits everybody… except the farmer! Myriad hangers-on in the industry get a slice of the pie in the existing system. The Groundswell Show places the focus back on the farmer. We invite a lot of ancillary businesses along, but their common theme is helping farmers achieve more with less input. We are not sponsored by anyone with a vested interest in selling you the latest giant piece of kit. In fact, our headline sponsor this year is Affinity Water, and if anyone has an interest in helping farmers reduce their inputs, it’s a water company...

So, you can come along to Groundswell and know that the information you’re receiving has your bottom line and your soil’s best interests at heart.

2)  Dr. Christine Jones

Dr Christine Jones

A world renowned soils ecologist, Christine is coming all the way from Australia to speak at The Groundswell Show.  Over several decades, Christine has worked with innovative farmers and graziers implementing regenerative land management practices that enhance biodiversity, nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, productivity, water quality and community and catchment health.

We are looking forward to her talks on both days: ‘Grazing Management and the Humification of Soils’ (Grass-Fed Day, 11am) and ‘The Liquid Carbon Pathway’ (No-Till Day, 1pm).

3) A demonstration field dedicated to No-Till drills…

If you’re in the market for a direct drill then The Groundswell Show is absolutely the place to be. You can compare and contrast each drill’s merits and chat to the manufacturers’ all in one place. We have the following companies lined up to showcase their kit: Horsch, Sly, Agri-Linc, Ryetec, Dale Drills, Weaving, Cross-Slot (Primewest), John Deere (P Tuckwell Group) and Simtech Aitchison.  

Roadshott Field Direct Drill Demonstrations 2017

4) ...Tested side by side, on a mix of cover crop varieties

King’s, our cover crop partner, have ensured the drill demonstration field is set up with a challenging mix of cover crops for each drill to navigate during it’s test drive. There are three cover crop mixes to really test the drills. The cover crops are coming along well and are set to grow some more in the coming 2 weeks if this weather holds.

Panorama of the Roadshott field taken on 13th June 2017

Panorama of the Roadshott field taken on 13th June 2017

5) A whole day focused on reintroducing livestock in the arable rotation; a key principle in no-till.

According to the inspirational Jay Fuhrer, of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, North Dakota, the three conventional principles of No-Till are: minimal disturbance of the soil, continuous cover, and diversity of rotations. He recently added two more principles: Keeping continuous living roots in the soil, and integrating livestock into your system.  This year’s Grass-Fed day on the 28th June focuses exactly on this important aspect of no-till that more and more farmers are embracing. 

Groundswell Cows in Meadow

6)  A Specialist No-Till Bookshop

Snap up David Montgomery’s new book ‘Growing a Revolution’ (and you might even get him to sign it, as he will also be speaking on both days of the show) along with many other conservation agriculture must-reads, at the David’s Bookshop stand at Groundswell, in the Black Barn.

Growing a revolution

7) New for 2017 - The Soil Tent

This new tent will be packed with experts giving seminars and showcasing experiments on soil health on Thursday. Scientists will showcase their ongoing research: Dr Jackie Stroud of Rothamsted Research will be conducting live soil tests on samples brought by delegates, and Cranfield University scholars will be showing results of their soil studies. Build your knowledge of the soil from Mike Harrington’s seminar “Understanding cover crop systems” , Jamie Stotska’s on “Understanding Mycorrhizal Funghi.” and Graeme Sait from Australia presents “Nutrition Farming Explained”.

8) Rainfall Simulator from the USA

Not convinced by the theory that less disturbance aids soil structure? The rainfall simulator shows explicitly the powerful differences of the impact of 2” of rainfall upon differently tilled soils. Bud Davis and Keith Thompson from Kansas, USA bring this impressive piece of kit and their careers' worth of knowledge to Groundswell for the second time. Do not miss this!  

9) Graeme Sait

Graeme Sait Nutrition Farming Groundswell 2017

Another visitor from Australia, Graeme is the pioneer of the ‘Nutrition Farming Approach’ and founder of Nutri Tech Solutions. He is author of the popular book ‘Nutrition Rules’. His talks are deeply inspiring to see and we look forward to his series of seminars and lectures across both days of Groundswell. He will cover: “Improving Nitrogen Management” (Grass-Fed Day 9.30am) "Nutrition Farming Explained" (No-Till Day 8.45am) "Nutrition Farming Essentials" (No-Till Day 10.00am)  "The Marvels of Organic Matter" (No-Till Day 4.00pm) 

10) Rick Bieber and Keith Thompson

No-Till legends straight from the prairies of Kansas and North Dakota, with 50 years of no-till farming experience between them they are a wealth of knowledge on all things no-till, cover crops and diverse crop rotations. They also happen to be a lot of fun.

11) 25 specialist exhibitors with an agri-environment focus

A diverse array of exhibitors will be on hand to provide you with advice and knowledge from all corners of the farming spectrum. Not to mention a delicious array of food options to keep you fuelled throughout the day: from Grass-Fed burgers, to hummus flavoured with UK grown ‘wonky veg’, you’ll find something for every taste.

Exhibitors at 2016 show


12) A Soil Pit showing impact of a 2 year ley upon root growth

See our soil from the bottom up and the development of root networks within a 2 year ley.

13) Meet other conservation minded farmers who take their farm’s health and future seriously.

Or, as Brian Sims said of last year’s show “The No-till Show provided a platform for an impressive and informative array of enthusiasts to discuss and demonstrate the essential interactions and synergies that make Conservation Agriculture a powerful tool.” This year's show with it's 2 day format offers even more opportunity to mingle with delegates from far and wide to share experiences and hopefully have some fun. 

14) Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what last year’s attendees had to say:

Quotes from 2016 Groundswell attendees

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