Dale Drills to Showcase the Mid-sized 'Eco M' at Groundswell

Dale Drills, based in Howsham, North Lincs, will return to Groundswell 2017. We caught up with Sales Executive Tom Maplethorpe to get an update on what makes their drills stand out.

Tom Maplethorpe of Dale Drills

Tom Maplethorpe of Dale Drills

Hi Tom, can you give us an overview of what you’re bringing to Groundswell this year?: This year we are going to be bringing our Eco M to the event. This is our medium sized machine with the a chassis layout that has the wheels in the middle of the frame. The seeding assemblies are the same hydraulically controlled, parallel linkage mounted units we are know for. The Eco M is aimed at farmers who require increased manoeuvrability perhaps not found on our larger machines.

What is the unique offering that Dale Drills brings to the conservation minded farmer?: The Dale Drills Eco Drill range offers the conservation minded farmer a multitude of benefits, the low draught 12.5 mm tines require as little as 25hp per metre to pull meaning not only can a smaller tractor be used, saving fuel and reducing levels of compaction in the soil. The narrow tines also greatly reduce soil disturbance enabling the naturally occurring flora and fauna to maintain a free draining structure and healthy levels of organic matter.

What are your predictions for the future of no-till farming in the UK?: Currently the future of no-till farming looks strong, we are it seems (to put it bluntly) in somewhat of a transition period for agriculture. With uncertainty over Europe, and the future of subsidies farmers are looking at ways they can reduce their establishment costs whilst at the same time remain sustainable for future generations.

Any product or company news you’d like to share with readers? : We now offer Eco Drill users the ability to sow seed and fertiliser at 125mm (5") row spacing. In the past our machines were limited to to seed and fer at 250mm (10") spacing and seed only at 125mm (5")

Any no-till product developments in the pipeline that you can tell us?: Watch this space.

Why does your company think it’s a good idea to attend Groundswell 2017?: For anyone producing no-till machinery attending an event like Groundswell is an absolute must. Everyone attending is currently using or are interested in this farming system so to be able to demonstrate and introduce our machines to an audience that already understands what we are trying to achieve is extremely valuable.

Finally, what’s your favourite colour when it comes to farm machinery?: RAL 3020 Red and 9006 Silver

Groundswell No-Till day on the 29th June provides the opportunity to see a wide range of no-till drills testing in real conditions over a variety of cover crop mixes.  Not got your ticket yet? You can find them here.

For more information about Dale Drills you can see them at Groundswell, or visit their website