Interview with Mark Harrison of Ryetec

We caught up with Mark Harrison, Managing Director of Ryetec Industrial Equipment Limited, based in Malton, North Yorkshire, to find out what Ryetec will be demonstrating at Groundswell No-Till Show and Conference 2017

Mark indulging in his love of the classics, with a favourite 5000

Mark indulging in his love of the classics, with a favourite 5000

What's Ryetec bringing to Groundswell 2017? This year we'll be demoing the Ma/Ag low disturbance disc drill, able to work as in a no-till direct system, min-till or conventional type drill. It will work in most ground conditions including heavy and wet land, with large stagger on rows (front and rear of drill) to easily cope with high trash or dense cover crop conditions.

What is the unique offering that Ryetec brings the conservation minded farmer?: Cost effective minimal disturbance and accurate (rate & depth) drilling into sterile seedbeds to minimise weed seed strike, individually floating coulters follow ground contours to maintain even drilling depth across the width of the drill, and 250kg per coulter ensure penetration even in hard conditions, low draught with a single straight opening disc and high pressure closing wheels for good seed coverage.

What are your predictions for the future of no-till farming in the UK?: It will only increase, we just need to stop destroying our soil structure and relearn how to look after the land.

Any product or company news you’d like to share?: Ryetec celebrates 25 years in the business this year, we're still keen and enthusiastic to keep driving forwards with new ideas, watch this space!

Any no-till product developments in the pipeline?: Just that we will continue to improve the drill to allow it to give every farmer to opportunity to go no-till.

Why do you think it’s a good idea to attend Groundswell 2017?: It's good to meet people who are interested in the no-till system, we learn by listening to those who have studied and been practicing the system over the years.

Finally, what’s your favourite colour when it comes to farm machinery?: Orange and Green, or a combination of the two!

You can wish Ryetec a happy 25th birthday at Groundswell No-Till Show, where they'll be demonstrating their Ma/Ag drill alongside other manufacturers in mixed cover crop scenarios on 29th June 2017.

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