Groundswell 2017 Tickets and Info NOW LIVE

A lot has happened since the first Groundswell show that could have fundamental impact on no-till farmers and Conservation Agriculture.
From Brexit and the on-going question about what this means for British farms, to the glyphosate debate. There has also been increased awareness of the power that farmers have in reducing flooding through effective use of their land, as well as wider awareness of the role the soil plays in reducing CO2 in our atmosphere. The voice of no-till farmers at a national level on the BBC has become louder, and there does seem to be a pricking up of politician’s ears that Conservation Agriculture is worth paying attention to.
There is certainly plenty to be discussed at this year's Groundswell
We are excited to announce that tickets are now live for the 2017 show.
We have a lot of inspiring speakers lined up, including David Montgomery and Anne Biklé (USA), Dr Christine Jones (Australia), Graeme Sait (Australia) and Dr Sarah Beynon (UK), as well as in-field direct drill demonstrations, talks from real farmers, opportunities for Q&A and discussion or "Con-ver-sation Agriculture" - plus a great range of food choices (have you ever tried a Groundswell Grass-Fed Burger?!) We also have a great range of relevant exhibitors.
This year the show is divided across two days. The first day, the Grass-Fed Day on the 28th June, will focus on getting animals back onto arable land, and on growing and finishing ruminants on pasture. There will be live mob-stocking demonstrations and talks from livestock and soil experts.

The second day, the No-Till Day on 29th June, will be more focused on the arable and feature the direct drill demonstrations, along with demonstrations of soil, cover cropping, rainfall simulation and of course, a conference barn chock-full of fascinating and inspiring speakers. We have teamed up with Kings as our Cover Crop Partner who will be showcasing some classic mixes in the field.   

For those who live further afield there are plenty of local hotels (Accommodation List) or you are also welcome to camp. Be sure to book your rooms in advance. 
The ticket prices are: Grass-Fed Day: £45, No-Till Day: £55, ticket for both days: £85 (+fees and VAT) - That's a £15 saving when you buy your ticket for both days.  

If you'd like to get a glimpse of what Groundswell is like, check out the film we made of last year’s show.
If you have any other questions or suggestions, please make contact. For more information, you can check the Groundswell website, follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

We look forward to seeing you at Groundswell 2017!